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Did you know that each season between 60 and 130 elements must be made to ensure maximum performance of your home?

Seasonal maintenance

Préve-Nance inc. serves Pointe-Aux-Trembles, Repentigny, Mascouche and Terrebonne and all surrounding cities for the seasonal maintenance of your home

Did you know that each season between 60 and 130 elements must be made to ensure maximum performance of your home?

Climates change, seasons change and your home must deal with all the elements that Mother Nature has in her arsenal while offering the expected performance. So how do you ensure that a house in Pointe-Aux-Trembles reacts as well as a house in Terrebonne? Through rigorous and regular seasonal maintenance.

Each season, your home or condo must be prepared for the upcoming season. Whether it is to clean gutters, empty retention pits or curbs, these elements can be neglected due to lack of time or interest.

Our seasonal maintenance service takes care of these many points for you. 4 visits per year, including one each season. This will allow us to optimize the performance of your home and ensure that it can withstand the elements.

There are many advantages, including peace of mind for your home: regular and professional maintenance, people available for you and listening to you, discounts on our other services and payment flexibility.

Treat yourself to a big cleaning

The housekeeping service is offered in the spring and fall, as it prepares your home and land for the coming months.

In the spring, we do the housework and a seasonal maintenance to allow you to enjoy the coming summer. Whether it is for cleaning your property, removing patio furniture and other items, our team will ensure that your home is ready for the summer season.

In autumn, preparations must be made quickly to cope with the approaching winter. Our team will prepare your site and store the furniture and other items for the spring.

Condo maintenance of your condo

Préve-Nance Inc. also offers services specially adapted for condos. We offer quality and professional maintenance for private units (inside condos) and common areas. Contact us to get a free quote for our services.

In addition, ask about our special rates for annual maintenance contracts. You could benefit from a discount by taking more than one service.

For an apartment and housing cooperatives

Specially designed for rental unit owners and housing cooperatives, Préve-Nance inc. offers maintenance services to extend the life of units and rental units as well as annual maintenance contracts to prevent you from being disturbed in the middle of the night!

Ask us how our service offer could benefit you and your tenants.


About us

Combining the words Prevention and Maintenance, Préve-Nance Inc. offers prevention and maintenance services aimed at preserving the most important investment of your life, your home.

Founded by two entrepreneurs with complementary skills, Préve-Nance Inc. offers a variety of services to meet the needs of an increasingly busy, aging or simply disinterested clientele.

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